2020 Diving Finals

Thursday July 16, 2020

The following are estimated timelines so please arrive 30-45 minutes before

your designated warm up time. We will adhere to a strict schedule.

Estimated Meet Timeline


























Pool Opens

6 & Under GIRLS

Coaches/Judges Meeting

6 & Under GIRLS

6 & Under BOYS

6 & Under BOYS



7-8 BOYS

7-8 BOYS

9-10 GIRLS

9-10 GIRLS


9-10 BOYS

9-10 BOYS

11-12 GIRLS

11-12 GIRLS

11-12 BOYS

11-12 BOYS

13-14 GIRLS

13-14 GIRLS

13-14 BOYS

13-14 BOYS

15-18 GIRLS & BOYS

15-18 GIRLS & BOYS


Warm Up


Warm Up


Warm Up


Warm Up


Warm Up 


Warm Up


Warm Up


Warm Up


Warm Up 


Warm Up


Warm Up


VC Area Map for Diving Finals

62nd Annual

Swim & Dive Championship

2020 Swim Finals



Hosted at Victoria Club

Download this information packet here:





10 & Under Prelims: Friday, July 17th

Please plan to have your swimmers/timers on deck ten minutes prior to scheduled warm-up or shift.

We will adhere to a strict schedule.


                                                       Lanes 1-3                             Lanes 3-6

                7:30-7:50am             Friendly Hills                        Friendly Hills 

                7:50-8:10am              Red Hill                                 South Hills   

                8:10-8:30am             Glendora                               Glendora 

                8:30-8:50am            Victoria Club                        Victoria Club

                8:50am                        Timers Meeting poolside at the starting blocks

                8:50am                        Coaches/Chairs Meeting in the Coach's Area

                9:00am                        10& Under Swim Preliminaries Begin

11 & Up Prelims: Friday, July 17th

Please note: these warm up times depend on conclusion of 10 & Under prelims.

Warm up times will be NO sooner but possibly later.

                                                       Lanes 1-3                            Lanes 3-6

                12:30–12:50pm        Victoria Club                        Victoria Club

                12:50-1:10pm            Red Hill                                 South Hills                                                      

                1:10-1:30pm              Glendora                               Glendora                                            

                1:30-1:50pm             Friendly Hills                        Friendly Hills                                            

                1:50pm                        Timers Meeting poolside at the starting blocks

                1:50pm                        Coaches/Chairs Meeting in Coach's Area

                2:00pm                      11 & Up Swim Preliminaries Begin




Saturday, July 18th


               7:30-8:50am             Warm-up schedule and lanes for ALL ages is same as Friday morning      

               8:50am                        Timers Meeting poolside at the starting blocks

               8:50am                        Coaches/Chairs Meeting in the Coach's Area


               9:00am                       Opening Ceremonies Commence on Deck

               9:15am                         Parade of Athletes onto Deck

               10:00am                     62st Annual Sunkist League Finals Swim Competition Begins

General Information for SWIM


Please Note: The information in this packet is meant to serve as a general guide and is subject to change. Timelines and time frames are estimates only, and may be adjusted by the Meet Director as needed. 

Parking and Drop-off Area

Coaches and Club Chairpersons, along with Platinum and Gold Sponsors with parking passes, will be permitted to park in the designated areas on Friendly Hills Country Club (FHCC) property. Certain areas of the parking lot are reserved for FHCC members only. 


Carpooling and ride sharing services are strongly recommended as parking at FHCC is very limited.  We will have a free valet service to park cars until our facility’s lots are full.  There will be a pick-up and drop off area near the entrance to the pool deck.  Once our lots are full, there will be overflow parking available on Villaverde Drive and at the Whittier Area Community Church parking lot. Shuttles will be available to transport families to FHCC from the overflow areas. Please allow adequate time to park and walk to the pool or team area, especially Saturday and Sunday mornings.  A map of the parking facilities has been provided for your reference.


Team Area

The tented team area will be set up on the 9th Fairway. We will have volunteers directing you to this designated space which is also referenced on our map. One 10’x20’ tent will be provided for each team.  Additional tents can be setup in the designated team areas.  Parents and coaches are asked to supervise their team area at all times.  VERY IMPORTANT TO NOTE THAT WHILE GOLFERS ARE BEING DISCOURAGED FROM PLAYING ON FRIDAY AND SATURDAY, THE COURSE IS STILL OPEN. CARTS ARE BEING RE-ROUTED ON HOLE 9 BUT CHILDREN SHOULD BE SUPERVISED AT ALL TIMES. Additionally, FHCC is a fenced property but we will not be providing overnight security specifically for the team area. You may leave items in your team area but it will be at your own risk. Smoking is prohibited in and near the team area.



Portable restrooms and hand washing stations for swimmers and their families will be provided near the team area next to the 9th Fairway.

Staging Areas and Event Access

Initial staging will take place between the pool deck and the clubhouse building (opposite the grandstands).  Swimmers will enter the pool deck through the tunnel on the North end of the pool.  After events, swimmers will exit the pool deck through the snack bar area, back to their team tents.  On Saturday, swimmers will be escorted to the First Tee (island) after the awards are presented on the pool deck to have photos taken with their medals on the Awards Stand after each race.  Once group photos are taken, they will be released to return to the team area.


Only staging volunteers, coaches, team photographer and Club chairs are allowed in any of the staging areas and in the restricted pool deck areas. EVERYONE must wear their badge. Coaches are asked to please get your swimmers to the initial staging area at least two events before the swimmer’s race.  Event staging announcements will be made on the speakers in the team area as events are being staged.


Team Photographer

ONE (1) team photographer per Club will be allowed in the restricted pool area with an authorized pass in order to take photos of their swimmers.  We ask that all photographer passes be visible. Fans are encouraged to take photos in the designated awards photo area on the First Tee (island).


Timers Area

Only timers are allowed in the covered timers’ area.  Lane assignments are enclosed.  While an electronic system is used, each Club should supply their timers with a stop watch for backup.



Covered, stair-accessed grandstands will be available on the East side of the pool deck. No personal canopies are allowed in the grandstands.  No coolers, other obstacles or reserved seating will be allowed in the grandstands to maximize everyone’s ability to view the event. No overnight reserving of seats permitted!  Smoking is not allowed in the grandstands per Sunkist League Rules.



Scrip will be available for purchase by either cash or Club charge. All purchases will be paid for with scrip.  Unused scrip is non-refundable. Scrip sales location will be near the team tent area.


Food Service

Breakfast buffet, lunch buffet and bar service will be available in our East Dining Room and on the lower dining patio on Friday and Saturday with seating available inside and outside. Additionally, a “Grab and Go” Refreshment and Snack Station, as well as a Bar, will be available by the team area for swimmers and their families. Snack Bar sales will not be available.


Programs and Merchandise

Pre-ordered programs and pre-paid Finals T-shirts/gear can by picked up at the table next to scrip sales. Additional programs will be available for purchase with scrip, but quantities will be limited.  If you pre-ordered a program you will pick up your daily heat sheets form this same table. Sunscreen will also be available for purchase.


First Aid

The Coach's Area on the pool deck will serve as the First Aid Station. In the event of a medical emergency call 911 and then notify a meet official or volunteer for immediate help. The street address for the

Victoria Club is 2521 Arroyo Drive, Riverside.

Victoria Club Facilities Requests

In accordance with Sunkist League Rules there will be no smoking allowed on the pool deck or in the grandstands.  Cell phone use is not permitted in the Clubhouse. Inside Clubhouse areas for dining are available to guests - bathing suits must be covered and dry. Shirt and shoes must be worn in all areas of the Clubhouse.  An adult must accompany children under 15. Appropriate Club Member behavior is expected of all event guests. We thank you for your consideration in helping us maintain the beauty of our Clubhouse and surrounding areas.

Timers Required


Each club will provide timers for the following # of lanes for each day:


                                               Prelims                                    Finals

                                                  Friendly Hills      3                      Friendly Hills      3

                                                  Glendora             5                      Glendora             5

                                                  Red Hill               3                      Red Hill               3

                                                  South Hills          2                      South Hills          2

                                                  Victoria               5                      Victoria                5

Please select your most experienced timers and provide at least 2 groups of timers per day for two 3-4 hour shifts. Please provide each of your timers with a stopwatch.

There will be Timers’ Meetings Friday at 8:50am and 1:50pm poolside as well as Saturday morning at 8:50am.

Swim Finals

Timing Assignments


Friday, July 17th


Lane 1              Lane 2                 Lane 3                Lane 4             Lane 5           Lane 6  

FHCC            GCC                    FHCC                GCC                FHCC           GCC

VC                   SHCC                 GCC                   SHCC             RHCC           VC

GCC               VC                        VC                      RHCC             VC                  RHCC

Saturday, July 18th

Lane 1              Lane 2              Lane 3           Lane 4             Lane 5            Lane 6  

FHCC            GCC                 FHCC           GCC                FHCC            GCC 

VC                   SHCC              GCC              SHCC             RHCC            VC

GCC               VC                     VC                 RHCC             VC                  RHCC

VC Area Map for Swim Finals

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